Benjamin Donnelly is a 3D Concept Artist, Set Designer and Prop Designer working in feature film on titles such as Thor Ragnarok, Thor Love & Thunder, Foe, Nautilus, Aquaman and Godzilla.

Ben has a strong passion for design, visualisation and storytelling and is an advocate for the use of real-time visualisation tools in film production art departments to provide interactive virtual presentations of sets to Directors, Production Designers and Art Directors. He is driven to explore innovative tools and methodologies that propel the design process forwards, finding solutions to complex problems fast.

A guest lecturer and tutor in Industrial Design at the Queensland University of Technology, Ben enjoys sharing his knowledge, experience and methodology with design students.


First class honours Industrial Design Queensland University of Technology


28 Brisbane, Australia



Disciplines of Interest

  • AR
    • AR Architecture
    • SD Set Design
  • CI
    • CI Cinematography
    • MO Motion Design
    • FX Visual FX Animation
  • CO
    • CO Concept design
  • IN
    • IN Interaction Design
    • VR Virtual Reality
  • GR
    • GR Graphic Design
    • LA Language Design
    • UI User Interface
  • ID
    • ID Industrial Design
    • SS Systems & Services
  • PH
    • PH Photogrammetry
    • PH Photography
  • WR
    • WR Writing